Celebrating 25 Years of Phillip Green!!


This month Phillip Green joined the elite group of loyal employees who have dedicated 25 years continuous service to the company. He commenced his employment in May 1989 and has remained with us ever since. In honour of this achievement a small presentation took place where Peter Ingham made a short speech and presented Phillip with a special edition “25 Year Employee” ELB polo shirt and a plaque with his name on that shall be added to the small (but growing) board of employees who have been a part of the company for over a quarter of a century.

We would like to thank Phillip for his hard work and dedication. Phillip is part of the furniture at East Lancashire Box, it would not be the same place without him. He brightens up the factory every Dress-Down Friday usually wearing one of his numerous Hawaiian style shirts. He is a highly valued member of the workforce and we look forward to him hopefully remaining a part of our ELB Team for many more years to come!!

At East Lancashire Box Co. Ltd we are lucky to have such loyal and devoted employees and we are looking forward to celebrating more 25 years of service in the not too distant future. Next up is Janet Heaton, she has worked for us continuously since 1990 followed by Adele Bolton who joined us in 1994.